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An EU Court’s Attempt to Control the U.S. Privacy Protection: Who Will Blink?

By Teresa P. Schoch

In early October, 4,200 companies that have been certified under the U.S. Safe Harbor Framework as having developed processes and procedures to protect the private information of EU citizens were told that their certifications were invalid. Privacy experts have been scrambling to give them advice on next steps, which include utilization of model contractual clauses relating to individual data transfers, or implementation of binding corporate rules requiring the approval of an EU Data Protection Authority, which can take up to a year to accomplish. Whether these actions will also be considered invalid along with the Safe Harbor framework is not clear. However, since both allow for an individual’s ability to question a company’s compliance with the EU privacy directive, it is more likely that they would be considered adequate.

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Current Focus on Chaos in Information Governance

By Teresa P, Schoch

With the tsunamic rise in information growth in the past few years,[i] managing ever-increasing formats and sourcing has become increasingly difficult. The complexity has resulted in newly defined C-level participants (e.g., data officers, chief information officers, chief technology officers) tasked with putting electronic data in order. Riding a forceful wave of growth, they attempt to control what is defined as their domain, often putting out fires as data growth leads to potential liability in courts of law or through government-agency enforcement.

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FCC TCPA Declaratory Rules Draw Objections

By Peggy Daley

On July 10, 2015, the FCC issued a Declaratory Ruling on the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) in response to dozens of petitions for clarification filed by businesses and government agencies.[1] The ruling addressed key areas of the law where petitioners had sought clarification or relief. In this declaration, the FCC provided new interpretations of the TCPA that became effective as of the date of the order. Continue reading FCC TCPA Declaratory Rules Draw Objections

Welcome to ThinkBRGTech.com

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