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The Trouble with Mobile Device Forensics

By David Kalat

The first problem with mobile device forensics is the name. “Mobile devices” is a catch-all term meant to encompass cell phones, smartphones, tablets, and hybrid “phablets.” But even these terms are inherently misleading—they imply that we are talking about phones. In 2011, physicist Michio Kaku noted that today’s mobile “phones” have more computing power than all of the computers NASA used to land astronauts on the moon.[1] The average mobile “phone” today easily outstrips the power of the Cray, Deep Blue, or any supercomputer of a generation ago.[2] Current models have faster processors, access to more storage, better network connectivity, and more robust software than the average PC from just 10 years ago. We call them “phones” at our peril—they are powerful computers that just happen to be able to place calls as well.

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Current Focus on Chaos in Information Governance

By Teresa P, Schoch

With the tsunamic rise in information growth in the past few years,[i] managing ever-increasing formats and sourcing has become increasingly difficult. The complexity has resulted in newly defined C-level participants (e.g., data officers, chief information officers, chief technology officers) tasked with putting electronic data in order. Riding a forceful wave of growth, they attempt to control what is defined as their domain, often putting out fires as data growth leads to potential liability in courts of law or through government-agency enforcement.

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